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Good Vehicle Repair And Observation Are Required For Mobility Lift Safety

Many Americans with disabilities depend on mobility equipment and lifts to maintain their freedom of movement. These vital pieces of equipment offer great assistance and are crucial in maintaining independence. All mobility lifts should be maintained and operated for safety, but those that are attached to vehicles further require that the automobile is kept in proper working order as well. Through attentive observation of surroundings and keeping the vehicle in proper repair, mobility lifts can be operated in a manner that is safe for everyone.

Mobility lifts operate on the power supply of the vehicle that it has been installed on. In order for the lift to function effectively, the automobile’s electrical systems should be in proper working order. Battery maintenance should be followed according to the recommendations of the vehicle’s manufacturer and the alternator should be functioning properly. In order to ensure that the alternator is providing adequate charge to the battery, the dash board indicators need to be checked during the automobile’s operation.

The vehicle should be parked on level ground and secured before mobility lifts are initialized. To ensure safety, the parking brake should be working as intended and always applied before the lift is put into use. Many lifts will not operate if the vehicle is not level and secured. Making sure that the automobile is not parked on a hill and that the tires are inflated to the appropriate amount helps to make sure that vehicle remains level when loading and unloading equipment.

Lights help draw attention to the vehicle, and they should always be in good working condition to alert people in the vicinity to the operation of the mobility lift. Furthermore, interior lights aid visibility when entering and exiting the vehicle. Hazard and parking lights should be functioning and used to help increase safety by alerting other drivers to the vehicle.

Observation of other people and vehicles in the area is one of the most important aspects to safely using mobility lifts. Unfortunately, many people simply do not pay attention, and may create hazards for those around them. When using a lift, paying attention to the surroundings can prevent accidents. Landscape features and other hazards, such as ice, water, or broken surface areas, should also be looked for.

Keeping the vehicle maintained and being attentive of the surroundings is vital to safely operating mobility lifts. Following these simple tips can prevent unneeded injury and property damage.

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